About Teleprompting Techniques

Teleprompting Techniques was set up to develop an Application and associated hardware to turn an iPhone, iPod or iPad into a fully featured professional portable prompter. Importantly Teleprompting Techniques have developed an MFi accessory, i-Glue, which interfaces with the iDevice to provide an extremely reliable cabled hand control, i-Scroll, to control the smooth variable scroll rate of the prompted text. This removed the uncertainty of using Bluetooth or WiFi for this interface. The Teleprompting Techniques team has developed picoPrompt, a system that can cope with the hostile and demanding prompting requirements of live news production but is equally suitable for use in documentaries, studios, presentations and video conferencing. The key features of iDevices are their small size and excellent bright displays and this combined with simple and versatile script transfer and super lightweight mounting rigs take prompting into exciting new areas, professional, prosumer and even for the amateur.

In addition Teleprompting Techniques has set out to create a one stop information point for everything to do with teleprompting in all its forms.  Features will include how to prepare scripts for prompting, and how to read them effectively, how to decide on the correct selection of equipment for any particular production, and many hints and tips, in short everything to make the prompting experience a good one!