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In the latest update we have incorporated easier ways of triggering start/stop of video recording for VideoSelfies. In this version the video is recorded in Medium resolution but in the next update this will be configurable across a range of resolutions to include iFrame HD.

Using picoPrompt for a VideoSelfie:

– if the iDevice is very close, 1/1.5 meter the best orientation is portrait because the eyeline to the Facetime camera is much better than when it is in landscape.

Use as small a font as you can get away with. Configure this in iDevice Settings, picoPrompt, Default Colours and Font, Default Font Arial 20.

In Settings  – Script Refresh, Hand Controller, PiP Record on GO, set to ON.

In Settings Countdown and Pause Control set Starting Value to 5 – this gives you a short countdown and a chance to make sure the picture is OK before starting Record.

Touch the Go icon to start recording.

Touch the screen to Pause and Stop recording. The video will automatically save to the camera roll.

Next to the GO icon there is a small red arrow pointing at a vertical line. If you touch this with the prompter text positioned where you want to start from it will go green. Now when you touch GO the text will start from that point. Touch the icon again to cancel the start point.

If you are working with the iDevice further away you can use the free app picoScroll, running on a second iDevice, to control the speed using a Bluetooth connection, but you still need to touch the screen as above to start/stop PiP. Or you can purchase the MFi Accessory iScroll direct from Teleprompting Techniques, which provides a very reliable cabled scroll control which has a button to remotely start/stop PiP.



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The latest release of picoPrompt includes picoSmartEdit a quick way of accessing text to edit and, when completed, enables instant prompting from the edit point. The Running Man icon has been replaced with an Edit icon, touch to trigger picoSmartEdit, or use a right to left two finger swipe. Press Done to return to the edited prompt display, or use a two finger swipe left to right. Other changes include a more sensitive on screen scroll control and an improved Bluetooth connection for script sync and synchronised play out.

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Working closely with Autoscript, World leader in teleprompting design and manufacture,  TTL have developed a unique interface to the picoPrompt App for iPhone/iPod or iPad. It enables a presenter, or operator, at a remote site, anywhere in the world, using WiFi or 3G to call in scripts from a remote server using FTP. Once the script has been loaded a subsequent press of a button on the iScroll hand control, at a time of the presenter’s choosing, triggers picoPrompt to automatically connect to the configured FTP site and call in any changes to the text or rundown.

Back at base Autoscript’s well known news prompting software WinPlus is interfaced to the station’s electronic newsroom system. It will automatically save the news text and rundown to the remote server at a configurable interval, typically 20 to 30 seconds.

This interface, combined with the reliability of control offered by the no set up, plug in and go iScroll wired hand control, enables the ultra portable picoPrompt to be used in the most challenging situations where use of conventional prompting may not be practical.

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picoSmartStart is a quick start routine which enables script to be accessed from a remote FTP server and prompted with just three screen touches.  The following are the settings required to set this procedure up.

The settings below must be set to ON. Other settings should not affect picoSmartStart but all Synchronised Playout  settings should be OFF.

Scroll Control

Enable Gestures   ON

Auto Connect ON

Countdown and Pause Control 

Starting Value 10

Pause Mode Controls  ON

Auto Flip control

On Application start  ON

On prompt file  ON

Default Colours and Font

Foreground  White

Background  Black

Font Ariel 60

Mirror Mode OFF change this to ON if using with glass and hood.

Cue Marker

Enable ON

Script Refresh  

Hand controller

Update On Go to Top   ON

Action Scripts

Disable Action Scripts   OFF

Refresh on Flip:  ON

Auto load to prompt: ON

FTP Server 1

IP address: FTP address

Username:  as you set up for your FTP server

Password:  as you set up for your FTP server

Directory:  as you set up for your FTP server

Script filter *.*


On picoPrompt start up you will be asked whether you want to delete all local scripts.

If you say yes picoPrompt will automatically connect to the server and offer you the list of programme scripts held there.

Drag the list up or down and touch the one you want which will move to the shaded bar and press Select. You will be asked whether you wish to prompt this script. If you say yes the next time you see the text it will be on the prompt screen.

For information on AutoUpdate, which enables picoPrompt to UpLoad new and amended stories and Run Orders, see the Post – Remote News Prompting in association with Autoscript Ltd.