BIGWriter by Teleprompting Techniques, the easy way to read text using a scrolling display on your iPhone, iPod or iPad – complete with edit and save functions.

To UNPAUSE, touch the screen. To PAUSE, touch the screen again.

To Start, or Speed up/Slow down the rate of SCROLL, touch the screen and drag the text up to go faster or down to slow down or stop. If you take your finger off the screen the text will continue to scroll at the last set speed.

Quick text entry:
Open a text source, for instance an e-mail, Web Site, Notes, iCloud or Drop Box.
Highlight and COPY, or COPY ALL, the text you want to view. Open BIGWriter.
Use two fingers to double tap the screen.
Touch YES to replace the existing text in the View buffer.
The selected text will now be displayed and can be scrolled in the configured large font. (see SETTINGS)

To save text as a file.
Touch the i button.
Touch Select/Edit.
Touch Edit
Touch Create from Paste.
The current text in the viewer buffer will now be saved as a file at the bottom of the File List in Local Files.
To view from File List, touch the required file to move to the Select Bar and then press Select.
Touch View File to display text.

To import text and save as a file without replacing the text buffer.
Open an e-mail or access a web site with the text you want to view.
Highlight the text required and Copy. Open BIGWriter.
Touch Select/Edit.
Touch Edit
Touch Create from Paste.
The text will now be saved with a default File Name at the bottom of Local Files.
To view and scroll, touch the file to move it to the Select Bar and then touch Select. Touch View File to display and Scroll.

Creating text using a Word Processor.
Text can also be created using a word processor, it must be saved as a .txt file and can be imported into BIGWriter using peer to peer WiFi, or Cut and Paste from the body of an email or copied from a web site.

Using the integrated Editor.
Create text using the built in BIGWriter Editor.
In the Local Files screen touch Select/Edit.
In Local File Options touch Edit.
In Other Options touch CREATE NEW FILE.
Touch the blank script page to reveal the keyboard. Type in the required text.
When the script is complete press Menu.
Select SAVE FILE AS and create a file name.
Touch Done.
The file will be added to the bottom of the file list in Local Files and can be viewed using Select/Edit and View File in Local File Options.

Ordering the files in the file list for viewing sequentially.
All saved files are listed in the Local Files screen. Any story can be selected to view individually using View File. In addition a viewing order can be created by moving files into a list above the horizontal lines in the Local Files screen by selecting a file and then using the UP or DOWN buttons to place it in the position you require. This creates a running order. If the view option View Running Order is selected the text will be displayed from the first file in the running order through to the end of the last file before the horizontal lines.

Editing files with the integrated editor.
From the file management screen use Select/Edit to identify the text file you want to edit.
Touch Edit
Touch Edit File and the file will display in the Edit screen.
Touch the screen to obtain the keyboard.
If required use the Find Text option in MENU to help locate a word or piece of text.
When editing is complete press Menu to access options SAVE, SAVE FILE AS or QUIT.


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