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Working closely with Autoscript, World leader in teleprompting design and manufacture,  TTL have developed a unique interface to the picoPrompt App for iPhone/iPod or iPad. It enables a presenter, or operator, at a remote site, anywhere in the world, using WiFi or 3G to call in scripts from a remote server using FTP. Once the script has been loaded a subsequent press of a button on the iScroll hand control, at a time of the presenter’s choosing, triggers picoPrompt to automatically connect to the configured FTP site and call in any changes to the text or rundown.

Back at base Autoscript’s well known news prompting software WinPlus is interfaced to the station’s electronic newsroom system. It will automatically save the news text and rundown to the remote server at a configurable interval, typically 20 to 30 seconds.

This interface, combined with the reliability of control offered by the no set up, plug in and go iScroll wired hand control, enables the ultra portable picoPrompt to be used in the most challenging situations where use of conventional prompting may not be practical.

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