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In the latest update we have incorporated easier ways of triggering start/stop of video recording for VideoSelfies. In this version the video is recorded in Medium resolution but in the next update this will be configurable across a range of resolutions to include iFrame HD.

Using picoPrompt for a VideoSelfie:

– if the iDevice is very close, 1/1.5 meter the best orientation is portrait because the eyeline to the Facetime camera is much better than when it is in landscape.

Use as small a font as you can get away with. Configure this in iDevice Settings, picoPrompt, Default Colours and Font, Default Font Arial 20.

In Settings  – Script Refresh, Hand Controller, PiP Record on GO, set to ON.

In Settings Countdown and Pause Control set Starting Value to 5 – this gives you a short countdown and a chance to make sure the picture is OK before starting Record.

Touch the Go icon to start recording.

Touch the screen to Pause and Stop recording. The video will automatically save to the camera roll.

Next to the GO icon there is a small red arrow pointing at a vertical line. If you touch this with the prompter text positioned where you want to start from it will go green. Now when you touch GO the text will start from that point. Touch the icon again to cancel the start point.

If you are working with the iDevice further away you can use the free app picoScroll, running on a second iDevice, to control the speed using a Bluetooth connection, but you still need to touch the screen as above to start/stop PiP. Or you can purchase the MFi Accessory iScroll direct from Teleprompting Techniques, which provides a very reliable cabled scroll control which has a button to remotely start/stop PiP.



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