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BIGWriter provides clear, easy text viewing on an iPhone, iPod or iPad by automatically reformatting and displaying text in a selection of large fonts which can then be scrolled at smooth variable, or fixed, speeds using touch screen control.

Import text using cut and paste from email, Website, iCloud, DropBox, FTP transfer or create text using the on-board editor.

BIGWriter is particularly useful as an aid for the visually impaired, aide de memoir, voice overs to eliminate paper rustle, speeches, full text or bullet points, radio presentation, as a basic personal teleprompter and prompter script rehearsal or iBooks. Because BIGWriter automatically reformats imported text it provides a simple way of reading text in an extra large font without the need to drag the text from side to side or up and down the screen, line by line.

BIGWriter features the following:

  • Double tap instant text load from Copy
  • Operates in portrait or landscape
  • Configurable FTP connection
  • International languages supported including right to left format
  •  Jump to/back markers
  • Mix font sizes and colours for optimum viewing
  • Save File from Copy
  • On Board editor
  • File list with re-order facility
  • View single file or complete file list
  • Text find
  • Book Mark
  • Macro feature for pre defined editing functions * Loop feature
  • Auto countdown to start for basic prompting

The BigWriter App is: £1.99
click here to buy BigWriter from the App Store