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PicoPrompt Package

The picoPrompt package consists of three elements:

  • picoPrompt, a prompting App available from the App Store on iTunes
  • picoScroll a free associated app to provide a remote scroll control.
  • picoServe, free issue server software for a laptop to provide peer to peer text transfer without the need to access the internet.

picoPrompt provides a professional prompting solution and is eminently suitable for live presentation when used in association with the iGlue/iScroll controller package which provides a plug-in-and-go wired speed control, no tricky connections or sampling required. iScroll is a hand control which has the functions you would expect on a professional prompter and provides a sensitive super smooth, variable speed, rate of text scroll. The App has a wide range of  fonts and font sizes and colours along with dual configurable FTP access for direct text import, this, of course, in addition to the conventional cut and paste from e-mail, Cloud, web page etc. Special attention has been given to the speed at which text can be imported and processed and script management featuring a Running Order, which can be changed at any time, means extra fast script selection or editing.

Link to PicoPrompt Package