I can’t find the Running Man Icon


The function of the Running Man icon was to save the set scroll speed of the text if picoPrompt was being used without a controller. We felt that this function is now obsolete and we have replaced the icon with another which shows Pen and Paper. When this icon is touched the picoPrompt screen will flip from prompt to the edit screen and the area of the edit point will be highlighted. When the edit has been completed press the Done button and the display will flip back to the prompt text and start from the approximate point where the correction was made. The SmartEdit icon will always appear when the screen has been paused by touching it.


Some features don’t seem to work as expected………


This is most likely due to the version of iOS you are running. To ensure all features work correctly the iOS must be 6 or higher.

I have upgraded my picoPrompt version but I can’t see some of the new features……


Most likely this is because picoPrompt was running in the background when you downloaded the Upgrade. In upgrades we have frequently added new features which require new settings. Before you download the upgrade make sure that all Apps have been closed. Press the Command button twice and you will see the icons of all active Apps displayed along the bottom of the screen. Touch one until they start to wobble. You will see a minus sign on each icon. Close the Apps by touching each minus sign. Note: You are closing the Apps NOT deleting them! Touch the command button again to return to the main screen and proceed to Download the upgrade.

Do I have to purchase picoPrompt Upgrades?


No you do not have to purchase upgrades or bug fixes. All picoPrompt upgrades are free of charge and can be downloaded from the App Store on iTunes as soon as they are available.

I very occasionally lose picoPrompt command buttons when I change the iPad screen orientation from portrait to landscape…


To correct the loss of command buttons simply reverse the orientation and go through the orientation change again and the screen should reformat correctly.   We are aware of this effect and hope to eliminate it in the next update.

How do I connect an iGlue/iScroll hand controller to an iPad running picoPrompt which has been installed in a Padcaster?


You can use an adaptor cable. It is not possible to plug the iGlue/iScroll hand control system directly into an iPad installed in a Padcaster mount due to the construction of the frame.  The two cables you can use are a dock extender cable in the case of a 30-way connector, or a Lightning to 30-way adaptor in the case of a Lightning connector. Beware not all cables have all pins connected so in the case of the Lightning connector use the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter Part No: MD824ZM/A. In the case of a 30 way use "30-pin Dock Extender Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad" Part No: DockX2B by CableJive (www.cablejive.com). In both cases these are the ONLY cables we have found to work satisfactorily. In each case the iGlue plugs into the 30 way female socket.

Why wont picoScroll auto-connect to the iDevice running picoPrompt?


Make sure that the picoScroll setting Auto Connect is set to On. Make sure that the picoPrompt setting Auto Connect in the Scroll Control section of picoPrompt settings is also set to ON. The picoScroll and picoPrompt settings can be found at the bottom of the iDevice Settings list. The Bluetooth connecting process can sometimes initially take some time - be patient. However if the connection is dropped it should reconnect quickly!

Will the iGlue and iScroll adapter work with the new Apple Lightning connector?


Yes it will by using a 30 way to 8 way adaptor. There are two kinds. One is an adaptor packaged in a small enclosure, Apple Part No: MD823ZM/A. The other uses a short 0.2 m cable between the 30 way socket and the Lighting plug - which I think is the better solution Apple Part No: MD824ZM/A. Please note that we have tried many versions of these adaptors and the only ones that work satisfactorily are those supplied by Apple.

Can I send scripts from a newsroom?


Currently picoPrompt works exclusively with the leading newsroom prompting supplier Autoscript Ltd. Stories or scripts can be transferred directly from their newsroom prompter WinPlus to a picoPrompt iDevice in the field using an FTP server. As updates are made they can be called into the remote device.

picoPrompt doesn’t seem to connect when I plug iGlue into my iPhone…..


First unplug iGlue and Plug it in again. Watch for the three red LCD flashes on iGlue which indicate that the system has been authenticated. If picoPrompt will still not scroll check the 3.5mm audio cable connecting picoPrompt to iGlue.

How do I change the function of the control knob so that the text scrolls forward when rotated anti-clockwise rather than clockwise?


Press all three buttons on the iScroll hand control at once and release. This will change the control direction.

Is the connecting 3.5mm jack to jack cable special?


No, this is a standard off the shelf 3.5mm male to male audio cable.