iScroll is a hand-held controller which, interfaced to an iPhone, iPod or iPad via the iGlue accessory, enables the speed of the scrolling prompter text to be varied in real time to provide smooth and accurate tracking for the presenter.

A sensitive pot on the hand control ensures that minimal rotation is required for accurate speed control. The text will advance when the control is moved to the left and will reverse when moved to the right. The control has three buttons.
When the button nearest the control button is pressed the prompter text will jump to the top of the script. If markers/story breaks have been embedded within the prompter text.
The centre button will jump the prompter text back one marker/story in the script.
The button, nearest the cable, will jump the prompter text to the next marker/story when pressed.

If all three buttons are pressed together clockwise/anti clockwise, forwards/backwards function will be reversed.

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iScroll - iGlue Combo

iScroll – iGlue Combo Wired Hand Control System for picoPrompt

What you will need:

iDevice (iOS 6 or above required for full functionality.)

picoPrompt App from the App Store on iTunes

iScroll/iGlue Combo from Teleprompting Techniques




Connecting to an iDevice

The iScroll hand controller uses serial data via a Teleprompting Techniques’ iGlue MFi certified accessory to send speed control commands to the iDevice prompter.

Plug an iGlue into the prompting iDevice, if using a lightning connector you will need an Apple adaptor – see below. Use the supplied 5m x 3.1mm jack to jack audio cable to plug into the socket of the iScroll hand controller and the other end into the socket on the iGlue adaptor.

The Connecting Cable

The 3.1mm jack to jack audio cable is a standard off the shelf product, but it is recommended that a good quality product is used. The length of the cable can be extended to 25 meters or more by using a standard male/female 3.1mm audio extender cable.

Controlling the Scroll Speed of the Prompter Text

The default configuration is to advance the script when the iScroll control knob is rotated clockwise and to reverse when the control knob is turned anti-clockwise. There is a null point between the two functions which can be felt when the reference marks on the knob and the hand control body are opposite each other.

Changing the Control Preferences

If it is preferred that the default configuration is reversed, i.e. text should advance when the control knob is rotated anti-clockwise, and go backwards when the knob is rotated clockwise, hold all the three buttons down at the same time. When released the configuration will have changed. To return to the default setting, press the three buttons again simultaneously.


There are three control buttons. Back to Top Button, nearest the control knob, Page/Story/Marker Previous and Page/Story/Marker Next.

Button Functions

The Back to Top button, using the default setting, will return the text to the very top of the script . However other functions can be set in picoPrompt Settings to initiate a Script Refresh and also control the record ON/OFF of PiP (Picture in Prompting) (See picoPrompt Handbook)

Synchronised Running

Two iDevice prompters can be controlled by a single hand control using a second iGlue and a 3.1mm audio splitter. This enables two prompters, assuming their scripts have been synced (see picoPrompt Handbook) Note that the resolution of the twinned devices must be the same  i.e. iPhone4/iPhone4 iPad/iPad,



The MFi  Certified Accessory iGlue was designed by, and is manufactured exclusively by Teleprompting Techniques.

It provides a serial data connection into an iDevice to provide a cabled hand control connection between a prompting iDevice and a hand control. This provides a very reliable, plug in and go, control interface rather than relying on a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

The iGlue unit has a mini USB port incorporated for pass through charging.

The iGlue is based on the 30-pin plug and socket. If it is required to use it with an Apple Lightning 8-way connector an Apple adaptor must be used. In our experience only the Apple adaptor passes through the serial data and other signals. There are two kinds. One is an adaptor packaged in a small enclosure, Apple Part No: MD823ZM/A. The other uses a short 0.2 m cable between the 30 way socket and the Lighting plug – which is the preferred option – Apple Part No: MD824ZM/A.


IGlue can be plugged into the iDevice at any time. There is no setup procedure required.

A short time after the iGlue has been plugged in an LED will flash three times to indicate that the authentication and connection has been successful and that the iGlue is active.

Downloadable PDF – iScroll – iGlue Combo Wired Hand Control System for picoPrompt