Test Files

Script for copy and paste test:

picoPrompt Teleprompting software by Teleprompting Techniques, transforms an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, into a self contained professional speech prompter.

It has many innovative features. It offers real time, variable speed, smooth text scrolling using iScroll, a wired hand control option. iScroll interfaces to an iPhone, iPod or iPad running the picoPrompt prompting application to provide a “plug in and go” control with no set-up requirement. Due to it’s physical connection to the prompter it provides the control reliability required for live presentations.

Alternatively, picoScroll, a free issue associated App, can be run on another iDevice using Bluetooth or WiFi, to provide a remote variable speed control. Text can be created using the on-board editor or imported from many sources using copy or cut and paste. These could be a web browser, e-mail, using DropBox or iCloud, or peer to peer script transfer using picoServe.

As an ultra portable, affordable and simple to use prompter, picoPrompt is suitable for all situations including news and documentaries, interviews, general studio production, commercials, public speaking, video conferencing, podcasts and amateur productions. picoPrompt is available from the Apple App store on iTunes. The hand control hardware can be purchased direct from Teleprompting Techniques.