Other Prompting Applications

Web Cam and Video Conferencing

Prompting can help give a confident and fluent presentation for a webcam or video conference. The reason for the event would normally be a corporate communication of some kind which inevitably would contain facts and figures which must be presented in the correct order. The use of a prompter enables a user to achieve this and by using a prepared script he can look straight at the camera and concentrate on the power of his presentation rather than scratching around for facts. The very fact that a script has been prepared often helps to focus on the important aspect s of the meeting.

Pop Concerts

There are many other ways of using prompting, even pop and opera stars regularly use devices as an aide memoir. Monitors can be positioned in the wings, in the orchestra pit or even amongst the fold back speakers, as many as may be required.

Q&A Sessions

A further application is Q&A sessions. Some complex Annual General Meetings where perhaps board members are not familiar with the intricacies of the business and would feel uncomfortable fielding questions from the attendees. Questions are pre-registered, fed back to a research area and the answers are displayed on an array of prompt monitors rigged in the set at the appropriate time for each director. If there are supplementary questions answers can be entered in real time.

Press Conference

Similar to the Q&A but without the pre-registration system. A research area is able to research questions on the fly and transmit information to enable good answers to be given to difficult questions fielded by the press corps.

Consumer Use

With the availability of cheap, cost effective prompters based on devices such as iPhone or iPad, professional prompting is now within reach of the non-professional. Increasingly these prompters are being used for amateur productions of everything from a Best Man’s speech to links for a video for the golf club AGM.

Picture of webcam from Chris